Unsettlement | Paul Moore





Where you are lost, we are Sídhe

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This exhibition is the latest outcome of the artist Paul Moore’s ongoing #nonarnia project. This Belfast-focused project critiques the adoption of fantastic cultural icons as signifiers of the gentrification processes.

For ‘Unsettlement’ Moore, a multidisciplinary Belfast-based artist, took over Gallery 1 of Platform Arts Belfast in July 2017 to create a No-Narnia No-Fantasy artistic comment to these administration-directed processes in Belfast.

Accompanying Text

The Unsettlement accompanying text by Dorothy Hunter is available on PARS - the Platform Arts Resource Space publication website.

Opening Event

On opening night a procession-performance ceremony took place at 6.45pm on the ground floor of Platform Art, entrance from Castle St in Belfast.

Performance documentation and photos by Simon Mills and David Bunting