Tangible Selves (Murmurations)





Tangible Selves

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A community based project at PS² (Paragon Studios / project space) Belfast, funded by the Halifax Foundation NI

Tangible Selves aimed to recognise different methods of creating a thoughtful self-portrait. Moving away from the traditional face, head and shoulders or selfie image, the participants explored different methods and materials to create alternative representations of themselves individually and as a group. The workshops explored how different materials and objects can be recognised as proxies that trigger memories and recollection and help us evolve how we think about ourselves. Through conversation, performance, drawing, sculpting, and assemblage, a series of objects, drawing and sound work were produced that reflected the personalities and identities of each participant and how they engage with each other.

The project was in collaboration with the Black Box Belfast's Creating Connections group/Moon Base

Lead artist Zara Lyness;
Curator Moran Been-noon;
Photographer/videographer Catherine Devlin;
Outreach officer, Moon Base Projects, The Black Box Seonaid Murray;
Video & audio editing Moran Been-noon

Murmurations is a 7min video documents the outcomes of the Tangible Selves, a 6 week collaborative project with weekly online workshops, including Clay work, Sound Rhythms, Collage, Drawing and creating a 'Selfie Stick>. Many Thanks to all participants who have been under strict Lockdown during the time of the workshops, communicating with each other over Zoom.