2008, 2013




SonicNeurons~ is part of a two-piece project that was created to review the effectiveness of language in interpersonal communication versus more direct and abstract methods. The EEG scan was taken while watching a video of people’s hands scratching, caressing, and hitting. The manner in which these human relationship-gestures were perceived and processed by the brain is the base of the abstract audio in the base of sn~. The output of the installation is reactive to human motion and encourages movement by communicating through a system based on the perception of movement.

New York, 2008

The piece was presented in 2008 in the SVA East Side Gallery as part of the MFACA degree show.

Ennis, 2013

Sonicneurons~ was part of the exhibition Signal to Noise, Curated by Sarah Ellen Lundy as part of Clare Culture Night 2013 at glór, Ennis, County Clare.

Programmer: Levent Cetiner