ElectroMmunication is a technological art installation that creates a proposal for communication free from the bounds of language. The aim was to make it possible to communicate an output directly from the brain without having the message pass through the filter of language. The project juxtaposes the brainwave-based output with a language output. ElectroMmunication is an interactive installation that is based on data gathered both in a neurology lab and dynamically from the user’s behaviour at the gallery. Both sources of data come from neurological, audial, and spoken responses to human gestures.

New York, 2008

The piece was presented in 2008 in the SVA Chelsea Gallery as part of the MFACA degree show.

Process and Development

A video of the proposal phase

A video documenting the development of the project

Max/MSP programmer: Levent Cetiner;
Neuroscience advisor: Dr. Laura Boylan;