Being There





Being There

Being There is a three-piece video series. The videos are a non-specific representation of an identity that is at the same time personal and political, foreign and local, present and absent.

The project was originally created as 3 separate videos, 1-minute each, for the Toothache Duets online videos project.

The footage is shot at several locations in Ireland and Israel, two countries in which I have specific interest. In the three videos there is a depiction of real life moments when the routine act, such as those that make the base layer of each video, are disturbed; moments of sudden shifts in focus, when thoughts appear to remind one of the dissonance between identity and presence.


  • Hospital Shop Window Festival, 2014 Culture Night in Hospital, Co. Limerick, 2014
  • V*A*P*I*D Video Salon at La Catedral Studios, Dublin, 2013
  • Toothache Duets event at ]performance space[, London, 2013
  • Toothache Duets online Gallery, 2013

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Original music Mael Mordha