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Sinterella opens at glór, Ennis

Sinterella is an exhibition with Martha Cashman, Annita McKee and Insaf Yalcinkaya. This is my first exhibition project with glór as part of my curatorial residency.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 8 July 2:00pm, and will be on show until Sunday 22 August.

Project page on glór’s website here.

Sintering is the process of fusing powder-based materials into a solid state through a reaction to high temperature. In clay work, sintering is when particles stick together permanently, and the work is considered fully fired.

Sinterella is a group exhibition produced to explore the idea of telling stories through material. Each artist chooses her material as a method to express a narrative. The process of the works’ creation is often regarded as phases or drafts for a finished piece, but in Sinterella, we look at the creative process as a paragraph that lives on as an integral part of the entire story.

Cashman and McKee’s projects respond to useful household objects and use the clay to explore the pebbles to tell different stories, perhaps less utilitarian, about our life and our history. By taking the objects out of their original contexts, both artists offer brand new narratives for us to think about when seeing a chair, or a spoon. It is an opportunity to reconsider the potential in everything that surrounds us.

Yalcinkaya uses plaster, a material “cousin” of clay, to connect a Kurdish mythological narrative to her life in Ireland. The piece will progress throughout the exhibition period to offer engagement with the artist’s writing about the visual artwork, and her journey to Ireland, including a consideration of the chosen materials.

Sinterella will be accompanied by a series of free workshops for children and young people facilitated by Vicky Smith and Nathalie El Baba. Please click here for more information and booking. 

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