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Angelica Interventions launches at the RHA

As part of Angelica Network, there will occasionally happen collaborative projects with curators and organisations who are interested in working with the artists listed on Angelica. The first such collaboration is Angelica Interventions at RHA Gallery. 

Angelica is a network of artists, that aims to amplify the voices of self-identifying women and non-binary artists of minority cultural and minority ethnic backgrounds who are based on the island of Ireland.  This collaborative engagement programme between RHA and Angelica invites Angelica artists to respond, via an intervention, to one or more pieces in the RHA exhibition programme. Interventionist practices often enable opportunities to propose alternative perceptions on institutions and narratives, and may take the form of an artistic response, a talk/panel discussion or workshop and will be informed by ideas of representation.   

Angelica was created to lead to fruitful relationships and new opportunities, designed to help curators and programmers to work with and nurture a more diverse art community; one which is built on care and accountability.  

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