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Performing Acculturation Panel at The Lab, DCC

Panellists Cairo Clarke, Dr. Sarah Durcan and Sara Greavu in conversation with Sara Muthi to discuss themes of digital representation with ‘Foreignments’ as its backdrop.  Performing Acculturation takes place on Friday 30th April 2021 at 5.30pm.

‘Foreignments’, an interactive webapp commissioned in partnership with The Lab Gallery, DCC, deals intimately with the process of acculturation, highlighting the laborious and viciously nonlinear, ‘tentacular’ nature of acculturation.

The process of acculturation includes the cyclical practice of coming to terms with the exhaustive nature of acculturating . The constant stream of bodily energy required to maintain this process can be minimised and heightened in different situations, but never ceased, forcing the acculturating agent to re-evaluate the way the self ought to perform in an ever-fluctuating context.

The Lab Gallery presents Performing Acculturation, a webinar dealing with topics of autoethnography and the gaze of the physical performance of otherness through moving image. This event to bring a panel of three distinct voices; Cairo Clarke, Dr. Sarah Durcan and Sara Greavu, chaired by Sara Muthi with ‘Foreignements’ as its backdrop.

For full details and participants bios please visit the project page on The LAB’s website.

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