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Digital Studio Visits during Covid-19 Isolation Period

During this period of self-isolating/social distancing period I am offering free/’pay as you can’ studio visits in digital format for anyone who feels discussing work with an independent curator might be helpful. This is aimed for artists who are having a difficult time continuing work for whatever reason, either related to the current situation or not.

This is how it works:
1. The artist would email me (at the address on my profile page) to express interest, let me know what they would hope to get from the visit, and send material in forms of links to websites/videos/online folders (please don’t send files)
2. An appointment will be made for a Skype/Hangouts/Whatsapp/FaceTime call.
3. During the video call the artist will have an opportunity to show more work if necessary, so they should prepare any material they want to discuss.
4. Any follow up can be agreed during the call, we’ll either decide to meet again or communicate via email, etc.

Please feel free to spread the word to artists in your studio group or friends. I’m happy to provide any further information and references if necessary.
While it’s not a replacement for studio group interaction or in-studio meetings with curators, it might suit some who are currently struggling.


*Please don’t send me files, only links, my inbox cannot handle the volumes at the moment.



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