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The Question of Feeling At Home opens 7 February, 6-9pm at PS² in Belfast

A group exhibition curated by me and featuring work by David O’Regan, Sarah Smith, Matthew Calderwood, and Cecilia Bullo is opening on the 7th February in Belfast and run 8 – 23 February.

The Question of Feeling At Home offers contemporary angles on the 20th century’s notions and practices of feeling at home. The idea of a traditional family having a home cooked meal and then retiring to sit by the fire is often irrelevant in 2019. Our lives are organised in various alternative ways as traditional roles in the home are challenged or shared.  Temporary living situations are more prevalent, and the structure of the family is viewed in a more fluid way.

The exhibition aims to be relevant to  those living with intellectual disabilities, with the view of home-living raising questions of independence, support, and community. For these individuals feeling at home is often a wider social matter of being accepted as equals in the community, raising questions of independent and supported living.
The work is rooted in the meaning of the term as a comforting routine in a permanent residence, with each piece proposing a different critical view on home living.
The Question of Feeling At Home exhibits work contributed by a group of artists including artists who are intellectually disabled, giving agency within the field to voices and narratives not often present in the independent art world. The idea of domestic is thus represented differently, attached to objects, politics, and economies rather than permanent routines or places.

Gallery page for this project with more details about the artists and the work is available here, a full documentation page will be available later in February in the main section of this site.


The project is produced in partnership with DoubleTAKE Studios established in 2010 by Tallaght Community Arts and ‘Moon Base’ a Paul Hamlyn funded project for and by people with Learning Disabilities, run by The Black Box Trust, and with thanks to: Gallery of the Atypical, Paula Larkin, Seonaid Murray, Sharon Devlin, Aliina Lindroos, Jessica Moore, Dr. Mary-ann O’Donovan, Aidan O’Regan, Deirdre Morrissey, Paul Moore, Helen Mac Mahon, and Jane Morrow.

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